Solar Power 111

Solar Power 111 is one of the best spiritual enlightenment programs available today. You will fully utilize the power from the divine source itself; THE SUN. As our Sun feeds everything and everyone in our solar system, Solar Power 111 is guaranteed to feed and empower your soul. We live in a time where ancient spiritual practices are now more open and readily available. One such phenomena is the "Light Body" or "Rainbow Body" where the human body transforms into pure light energy while living and at the time of transition. The main ingredient for this spiritual phenomena to occur is the proper utilization of Sunlight. Sunlight and Enlightenment are the same. How could we have light without the Sun?

What Solar Power 111 does is simply chart the position of Sun for you. There are 12 areas of space (zodiac) that will define everything in your life. This is why there are 12 inches on a RULER. As the Sun travels through these 12 sacred areas of space, you are given the ancient Sanskrit Mantra that corresponds to this sacred position in the sky. The wise Yogis understood that sound was the medium that could shape and form space particles thus making our ideas manifest into our physical world. You have 12 cycles and some are longer than others. Solar Power 111 charts these cycles for you. Solar Power 111 is the teachings of all ages.

These Sanskrit Mantra will enhance the following areas

  • Develop your Divine Personality and Divine Appearance
  • Dissolving bad financial karma & Increasing your finances
  • Attract the right situation for you to take risk and develop extraordinary thinking
  • Material Comfort and Happiness
  • Personal Connection with God
  • Overcoming Debt, litigation, and obtaining Supreme Health
  • Relationships, business and personal harmony
  • Removing Obstacles and seeking Longevity
  • Divine Compassion and Grace. Embracing your Divine Mother for Blessings
  • Profession and Time
  • Increase Profits
  • Enlightenment

Some cycles have more than one Mantra along with guided visualization techniques to enhance your cycle.

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I also have had an unexpected opportunity come that awarded me $1000.00 this week. I have opportunities to travel to central and south america next month to continue my education in yoga and holisitic studies! Lots of great things happening very quickly..


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